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Putty & Fillers

Puttys & Fillers

Color FilPutty

Easy to use putty for filling and
coloring nail holes and open edges.
Can be finger applied or used with
a flexible spatula. Topcoating with
any clear finish will make the repair
more durable. 

Wood Putty Tube
NEW! Improved Water-based No HAPS/VOC
Non flammable, Low odor Expanded color range 
Stays soft and pliable longer in the package
Dries more quickly, Same sandability,
Great for production work and all wood repairs

Wood Putty
Extra fine textured, water-base wood putty for holes, corner chips,
 cracks, screw holes and other defects. accepts stain or finish
similar to natural wood surrounding the defect. Will not harm
existing finish, sand dry or wet. Once dry is shrink free,mar resistant,
excellent adhesion.Recommend for finishing and touch up repairs
where time is not of the essence Recommend where hole is too
large for Burn-in repair. Blendal® Powders can be intermixed
achieve additional shades.Saw drill or carve.Hardens when
exposed to air. Adding solvent restoresthe original texture.
Solvent is also is an ideal lubricant for wet sanding 

Grain Filler
Grain Filler is intended to fill pores of open-grained wood, such as oak,
walnut and mahogany, provides a foundation for other Mohawk products
The resin filler achieves maximum filling and  shortest recoat intervals.
Grain Filler provides an excellent foundation for laquer and varnish finishes.
  • Higher in solids for improved fill properties
  • Slower drying resins for increased lubricity, making it easier to work
  • Increased levels of color pigment for improved color performance
  • To customize Grain Filler Colors, add Mohawk Universal Colors 

Patchal™ Putty
Patchal™ Putty is simply the best finish putty that you will ever use. Patchal™ Putty
is designed to be used on finished wood to fill nail holes, miter joints and cabinet
seams. This putty is great for picture frames, trim and molding.
  • Fast and easy application
  • Simple clean-up
  • Can be top coated within minutes
  • Superior color selection matched to current industry trends
  • Easy to open packaging keeps this putty fresh
  • Color labels on the lids make it easy to find the right color
Net contents 4 oz

Plastic Filler
with Hardener
Makes furniture repair in a snap! An all purpose, two-part putty that
is waterproof and non-shrinking.Repairs cracks, fills holes, patches
and seals most surfaces on wood, metal, sheet rock, and plastic.
Hardens to a natural wood shade and can be color tinted with
Mohawk's Blendal® Powders before adding the cream hardener

Water Base
Paste Wood Filler 
Applies Easily, Levels Smoothly Dries Quickly
(2-4 hours)Sands Easily, Water Clean-Up,Low
VOC (200 g/l),Non-Flammable Mohawk Water
 Base Paste Wood Filler has been designed to
allow the professional to create a smooth,
closed grain surface on open grain wood
 and is excellent for filling end grain.

Wood Repair
Putty & Solvent
Synthetic Wood Filler Sands like wood Stains like woodLooks like
wood A high quality wood filler that is uniform and readily workable.
Fills cracks, gouges,knotholes, nail holes, and other defects in wood.
Wood Repair is waterproof and maybe used indoors or outdoors.
Wood Repair can be used on furniture, paneling, plywood,
woodwork and other applications that require a filler. Can be stained.

Epoxy Sticks
Epoxy Putty Stick enables you to restore, rebuild and repair all kinds
of wood and other hard surfaces.
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Makes durable, permanent repairs
  • 8-10 minute workable time
  • Fast curing, hardens in less than 20 minutes
  • No shrinkage
  • Mold to any shape
  • May be sanded, drilled, stained or painted.
  • Excellent adhesive, wood to metal, wood to glass & wood to ceramic.
EPOXY PUTTY-5 MINUTE The Worlds's Strongest Putty! Bonds To: Plastic,
Fiberglass, Brass, Nylon, Aluminum,Glass and Wood. Large defects can be
filled without the need of any specialtools like heating irons, alcohol torches,
or knife ovens. The two part Epoxy Putty consist of a RESIN and HARDENER
which are mixed in equal parts. This mixture dries in five minutes
and is non-shrinking. Excellent for filling large holes, broken
Color Fil™ Putty

Fil-O-Wood 3oz
Fil-O-Wood™ Wood Putty
Grain Filler
Patchal™ Putty
Plastic Filler
Wood Repair Putty
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