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Touch Up

Ultra™ Mark Marker
If you can write, you can Touch-Up furniture defects instantly!
Contains light-fast pigments which seal, stain and finish - in one
easy operation. Ideal for edge and scratch recoloring. Compatible
with all types of finishes. Use in conjunction with Mohawk
Fil-Stik™ Putty Sticks and E-Z Flow™ Sticks For further protection,
can be sprayed with Tone Finish® Clears. Replacement nibs are
available in 4 styles: Club, Writing Point, Chisel and the Metallic chisel point design.

Pro Mark™ Marker
The Pro-Mark™ capillary marker features excellent flow. Whether
you need to touch-up 1 inch or 20 feet, the Pro-Mark™ Marker does
it the first time and every time. The colors are the most fade resistant,
the most resistant to color shift from topcoating and have the best bleed
resistance. The nib offers superior flow along with the durability
needed to do all normal repair work. The nib remains usable for
 the life of the marker. Marks equally well with the edge, the bottom
or the tip. Good adhesion to most surfaces and resistance to
polishes are built into the Pro-Mark™

Background Markers
The Background Marker dispenses a thin, highly opaque,
fast dying, low sheen film to replace background color
over fills, glue lines, dark areas in raw wood, and other stains.
Indispensable for touch up on MDF, particle-board, and other very
absorbent substrates, which go dark with other types of markers.
Color band on markers to aid in identifying correct colors.
Graining Pen
The best choice for replacing grain and
distressing marks over spot repairs
on all types of furniture and cabinets.
  • New nib design with continuous flow
  • Produces extra fine grain lines
  • Quick drying permanent inks
  • Easier than brush application
  • Top coat with any Mohawk finish

Quik-Tip Marker Fast opaque color touch up in a felt tip marker.
  • Solid color touch-up
  • High solids
  • High gloss
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Durable finish no top coat needed
  • Recolor worn edges
  • Minor surface and edge marks

Ultra Bond
Clear Marker
Excellent adhesion on
most hard to  adhere to finishes
  • Urethane
  • UV
  • Aluminum Oxide
ØBlends well into surrounding area
  • Low Odor\
  • Fast drying
    Environmentally friendly

The NEW Brush Tip Graining Marker features a micro
 brush tip applicator.  This revolutionary marker and tip
allows you to apply color exactly where  it is needed
without any messy powders, fluids or odors. This is the
perfect  color tool for service technicians, shop
technicians or factory line technicians. This is simply
 the easiest marker that you will ever use!



Shading Pencils
Employed for antique distress markings and to
simulate grain effects on spot repair work.
Paper wrapped with string pull out making
sharpening unnecessary. A protective coating
should be sprayed over the area.


Graining Pencils  
Now softer - easier transfer. Used to replace
grain or color on finished and unfinished surfaces.
Especially designed for printed photographic finishes.
Recommended on production line touch-up stations
since color can be replaced along moving line.
Absence of liquid eliminates drying time.
Final coating can be applied without
interruption of production lines.


Brush Tip Graining Markers
Brush Tip Graining Markers
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