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Liquid Touch-Up

Liquid Touchup

User friendly wipe-on Polyurethane finish.
Can be applied over repairs to seal in the repair,
Durable protective finish. Apply over properly cleaned existing finishes to improve appearance. 
Adheres  to  lacquers, vinyl clads,
high pressure laminates and many other
substrates. Water based and almost no odor.
This feature makes it the
product of choice where aerosols and other
solvent based touch up finishes are not appropriate.


Graining Liquid
Balanced clear liquid formula for applying grain or base color
in spot repair work. Unlike regular "padding agents", Graining
Liquid stays wet on the brush longer. This feature allows the
 user more time to complete a repair. Mix with Blendal® Powder
colors using the top of the jar or any other non-absorbent
surface, apply grain with style 149 or 150 brush

Two Minute Touchup
A brushing type clear liquid used with Blendal® Powder Stains 
for spot brush touch-up and coloring edges. Stays wet on the
 brush, dries in minutes on the repaired surface. A must in every
 finisher's kit for use in areas where the "padding" method is not practical.
 To lay the color flat without build up use Two Minute Touch-up™ Solvent

Finish Up
Graining Liquid
Two Minute Touch Up
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