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Hard Fill

Hard Fill

Hard Fill is designed to fill minor and medium defects in wood
and rigid plastic.Use for repairs on tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers and floors. 

Hard Fill Plus is designed to be used when you need a higher melting
point or more durability
The Hard Fill Leveling Tool, M999-9990, is used to level and scrape Hard Fill and
Hard Fill Plus sticks.

The Scraper Only  M999-9992, is a replacement scraper for the Hard Fill
Leveling Tool.

The Finish & Filler Scraper M999-9995, is used to level Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus fills.
This scraper can also be used to level defects in a finish such as runs, sags or dirt.

  Color Chart

Hard Fill Sticks

Hard Fill
Plus Sticks       

Hard Fill Plus Stick

Hard Fill Stick

Hard Fill Tools

Hard Fill Kit 40 Colors W/Tools
Hard Fill Kit 40 Colors W/Tools

Hard Fill Kit

Includes 40 colors. Burn in
Knife, leveling Tools

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