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Finisher’s Glaze
Glazing Stain

A Truly New Glazing Stain.

  • Super concentrated colorant
  • Medium viscosity base.
  • Resins provide excellent adhesion
  • Between the sealer, glaze and topcoat.
  • Colors can be intermixed
  • Achieve variety of new shades

    Compatible with

  • Conventional Catalyzed finishes 
  • Conversion varnishes 
  • Urethanes.

    Easily add heavy hang up and
    detail accent color to ornate
    fine woodworking or cabinetry.
    • Apply as spray or with foam brush
    • Apply  over a sanded sealer or finish coat
    • Allowed to dry to a chalky, powdered state
    • Removed from unwanted areas using light pressure
    • Remove with  with a synthetic abrasive pad to the desired look.
    • Must be topcoated with a clear finish of your choice.
    • Create dramatic, clean accent lines on any shaped surface.
    • May be intermixed to achieve  custom colors
    • You may never want to wipe a glaze again

    Heavy Bodied

    Creamy texture for better control
    and easier distribution without
    dripping or running. Clear can be
    tinted with Base Concentrate Stain

    Break-A-Way Glaze
    Finishers Glaze
    Heavy Bodied Glaze
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