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Blendal Stick

Blendalâ„¢ Sticks  
Used to add or alter color when repairing and touching up wood. This product allows quick color replacement on raw or finished edges and flat surfaces. You can easilyblend the colors to accomplish a perfect match.
  • Fade resistant, non-bleeding permanent colors.
  • Ultra fine ground pigments for maximum color yield.
  • Colors transfer and blend easily on the surface without attacking the finish.
  • May be topcoated immediately.


Rub gently on surface and feather with fingertip if needed. Multiple colors may be applied and blended. Apply a topcoat for maximum durability. Avoid applying Blendalâ„¢ Sticks in excessive heavylayers of color to reduce the risk of poor adhesion. Best results areachieved by building color in multiple applications with light coats of clear lacquer in between to maintain good adhesion.

Blendal Sticks

Blendal sticks

Blendal Stick Set
Blendal Sticks
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