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Aerosol Toners

Aerosol Toners

Tone Finish® Toner
Finely ground, non-fading pigments for color repairs that last.
Available in a wide variety of wood finishing shades. Used
throughout the industry for quick efficient professional touch-up.
Adapts to various methods so as to blend in spot repairs.
Adjustment of sheen is achieved with a topcoat of
clear lacquers available in gloss, satin, flat and dead flat..

Ultra™ Classic Toner
Dye based transparency with highest rating
of light- fastness available for dyes.
  • Excellent Flow Out
  • No Overspray
  • Mar and Alcohol Resistant
Now solve flow-out problems associated with aerosol
lacquer touch-up! Ultra™ Classic Toners utilize a
non-fading, non-bleeding dye to provide excellent clarity.
Wood shades can be varied without imparting the "muddy"
effect sometimes associated with pigment type toners.

Block-It Toner
Adjust color shades without having to strip and refinish.
Block-It™ toners will warm up or cool down the color of a finish.
Use orange to warm up or neutralize green shade browns.
Use Blue or Green to neutralize red. Obtain browns
by spraying Blue over Red. Green will cool down
or neutralize a finish that is too red. Apply directly over existing finish.


Tone Finish Toner
Ultra Classic Toner

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