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Aerosol Clear Finishes

Clear Finishes

Perfect Blend™ Clear              

A premium blended nitrocellulose lacquer displaying
excellent adhesion over waxed and polished surfaces
and areas contaminated with silicone. Perfect Blend™
features a soft spray, low film build, and fine atomization
resulting in virtually no overspray, little bounce, excellent
flow, and strong ability to blend in with the surrounding

Pre-Catalyzed Clear

Features excellent flow out for touch-up use.
The dry film is very durable and  adheres where
other finishes will not. The product has been
tested and approvedfor in-factory touch-up
on catalyzed finishes.
• Excellent atomization
• Excellent adhesion
• Very good clarity and durability

Ultra-Flo UltraBond Clear

Ultra-Flo Ultra™ Bond Cleartop coat is specially
formulated to adhere to and flow out over hard
to coat surfaces such as UV finishes,
2 component polyurethanes, polyesters, etc. 
Has a unique blend of resins and solvents that
provide superior adhesion and flow

UltraFlo Clear            

Formulated with special resins and solvents to
 provide a finish film free of orange peel. Little
 or no overspray when used over spot repairs
over an existing lacquer finish. Saves time, as
the finish film will not require sanding or rubbing

Final Finish Clear

A non-yellowing, C.A.B./Acrylic finish.

This quick drying
Blush resistant finish
Works well for production
Works well for touch up and repair
of most modern finishes.
Net Wt. 13 oz.

C.A.B. Production Topcoat Clear

High solids
Water clear finish
Excellent flow F
Fast drying 
Blush resistant.
The best choice for use over whites and light color furniture

Finisher’s Choice Clear 

A high solids aerosol lacquer that eliminates
the need to mix bulk finishes for your small
 refinishing and restoration jobs.
• Higher solids
• Outstanding atomization
• Fast build
• Excellent blush resistance
• Superior flow out

Tone Finish® Clear        

 Our best selling aerosol lacquer!
Clear nitrocellulose based lacquers are
recommended as topcoats for wood finishesSemi-Gloss
Five finishes Gloss,Semi Gloss, Satin,Flat, Dead Flat

Leather/Vinyl FinishClear 

A flexible and durable coating used to
protect and blend in spot repairs on vinyl

Flat Oil Finish Clear  

Designed for oil-walnut and teak finishes.
Spray over spot repairs to reduce gloss so
as to blend in with the sheen of the
surrounding finish. Can be used to produce
a simulated oil finish over a previously stained surface.

Clear Spray Shellac Clear

A clear coating for furniture, floors, inside
drawers and food cabinets. Shellac has
unusually good adhesion to hard-to-grip
surfaces. Hold out is exceptional on wood,
plywood, and plaster. Recommended for spot
sealing knot holes, sap streaks, and
refilled areas before refinishing. Can also
be used as a barrier coat over a silicone
 contaminated area.

C.A.B Production Clear
Final Finish Clear
Finishers Choice Clear
Flat Oil Finish
Perfect Blend Clear
Pre-Catalyzed Clear
Shellac Clear
Tone Finish Clear
Ultra Flo Clear
Ultra-Flo Ultra-Bond Clear
Vinyl Finish
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